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New EP, Voices in my Head Vol. 1- Available now! 

New Release Available Now!  Voices in my Head EP Vol 1 by Robert Abernathy  

11.19.20 Birmingham, AL

Welcome to my latest project, a new EP chalked full of some of my favorite melodies that I have pieced together over the past several months. Each song carries special meanings, cool story lines, great melodies and cowritten with some fantastic songwriters.  The title of the EP, "Voices in my Head" came from a long list of potential Album titles, but won out due to how these songs made its way to the…

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"Ride of a Lifetime" is here 

Welcome to my latest attempt at keeping the Album Concept alive. (For ADD Readers, you can bypass the song descriptions and hear it now by clicking HERE)  We live in the era of singles and EPs with so much "On Demand" everywhere you turn. I decided on creating this album for two reasons. (1.) I wanted to piece together some of the work I had done over the past 25 years in a collection that told a story and (2). We had a month or two of quarantine that gave me some time to experiment on a few songs. So here…

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"You Can't Have My Boat" coming Friday--and I'm going to request your help! Part 1 

Making music has been a part of me since I was the okayest 10th grade guitarist ever in Southside, Alabama. Today, I'm still the okayest guitarist ever, but since those days, I've ,managed to have written well over a hundred songs, most of which has never made it past my own personal voice recorder. Out of those hundreds, I probably have maybe 15 that are cut-worthy by some B-List Artists. Maybe 7-8 that could be cut by artists today that you hear on the radio. But I have a few that I feel may be the one to…

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"Invisible" by Robert Abernathy & Vivi Abernathy 

Where do I begin? Maybe with the hook-

There's an image in the mirror

Broken as it may be,

Says I'm not so, not so

Invisible to me.

And yes, that's my 12 year old daughter, Vivi,  singing those lyrics. This song simply recognizes what its like to be ignored, forgotten, excluded, neglected. And to a middle schooler (those I deal with directly on a daily basis) those things are just as bad as being bullied. Its a form of bullying. Its humiliating to a kid to be alone at recess, in a cafeteria. Its horrifying…

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The Evolution of a Song  

"Got Nothin' on You" Written by Robert Abernathy.  Release scheduled 1/28/2019

Not every song transitions from a general idea to a finished product as easy as many people think.  They can rarely be a simple as an hour from start to finish or, like "Got Nothin' on You", can be are a culmination of ideas, scribblings, collaborations that are two years in the making. Yes, this song took me two years to finish.  Not that I breathed over it daily, but the idea to "Got Nothin' on You" was one that I believed…

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First Time Feelin' (Song #7)  

Waylon Jennings once said, "Country music isn't a guitar, it isn't a banjo, it isn't a melody, it isn't a lyric. It's a feeling."

One of the strongest elements of a good song is creating an image that most everyone can relate to. To create a feeling. I cant say that "Watch me Whip and Nae Nae" ever made anyone go "Hey, thats a story about me!".  So instead of writing about a new dance groove that I routinely use around the house, I decided to write about a feeling that is familiar to most everyone (I hope)…Read more

Call Him a Sinner (Call Him a Saint)  

My musical flavors have always been diverse to a degree. I wanted one that kind of touched on an identity that i could call my own.  I put the guitar in "Drop D" one day and this song practically wrote itself. It has flavors of Chris Stapleton, Bon Jovi, Garth Brooks, David Allen Coe and Charlie Daniels. You can hear it all in this song. In order to produce the sound I wanted, I needed to tell a story of anguish.

This song is about a man who lives in the eyes of many as a "Sunday Morning Deacon" or "a Good…Read more

Song #5 "You Win"  

A few months ago while on a 1 week marathon of writing potential songs for the album, my daughter Vivi was galloping through the house while listening to a current Pop playlist. She had her headphones on, but I caught a pretty cool groove faintly emitting from those tiny speakers. It was enough for me to run and grab a pen and paper. the idea stemmed from modern day couples constantly evolving trying to find the balance of who is wrong or right and who is the first to give in and say "Im Sorry". Within 30…Read more

She's Gonna Stay (but Im kinda wonderin, Who's Dave?)  

I wanted to write a song with a happy feel, but the lyrics tell a different story.  The end result: This became a song about a really clueless guy who has no idea that his wife/girlfriend has a completely different agenda than what he initially thinks. Its my attempt at humor in a song with the punchline being something you wouldnt expect right up to the very end when he asks "Where you goin' baby?"

I dont know who Dave is, but its kind become my go to name for everything. Hes a make believe person that I…Read more

"21's Wasted on the Young" is not for anyone under the age of 21.  

"21's Wasted on the Young" is not for anyone under the age of 21. NOT because of some kind of explicit lyric or content, but because.....This song will make absolutley no sense to anyone 21 years of age or younger.  They will all be scratching their heads. Just like my own 21 year old stepson, Blake Douglas, who listened and was like...."I dont really think this applies to me"  So, I have probably inserted the dagger of doom into my opportunities to connect with this particular audience.  BUT..... if you…

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Get your Kleenex for "Ol' Dixie" (song #2)  

On March 6th, after I had already narrowed down the songs for the project, Cheri Brooks, a great friend of ours, sent me a story she had read about a Soldier who had to report to duty during a time of war. His only companion was his dog. He left it behind to a trusted animal shelter with the specific instructions that if he did not return to give the new owner of his dog a letter.  I immediately began to tear up at the though of this idea.  While this may or may not have been a true story, it hit me hard…Read more

Sticks and Stones Pre-release. Get your first peak here!  

First, Please share :)

It was an easy choice to make 4 months ago when I began thinking about finally piecing together a new album- The first and only contact in my mind was Daniel Dennis. I discovered Daniel back in 2010 on a separate project and what drew me to his studio was the ability to take a concept and make it happen. Not only is Daniel a talented studio owner/engineer, he is a brilliant drummer, guitarist, and can play most any stringed instrument.  He is also a patient guy. Hours in a studio can…Read more