"Ride of a Lifetime" is here

Welcome to my latest attempt at keeping the Album Concept alive. (For ADD Readers, you can bypass the song descriptions and hear it now by clicking HERE)  We live in the era of singles and EPs with so much "On Demand" everywhere you turn. I decided on creating this album for two reasons. (1.) I wanted to piece together some of the work I had done over the past 25 years in a collection that told a story and (2). We had a month or two of quarantine that gave me some time to experiment on a few songs. So here we go-

Ride of a Lifetime is a collective work that tells a story. A common thread runs through all of these. If you would like to read some album reviews, you can go HERE and HERE.   Allow me to briefly take you through these tracks:

1. Sun Comes Up Tomorrow- tells the story of a man swept away and exposes his own insecurities in the presence of someone he fears will see him as just another passing memory.  Written by Robert Abernathy,  Bryn McCutcheon, and Pime Hernandez. Produced, mixed and mastered by Daniel Dennis

2. Give a Little Love- This song is my attempt at curbing a downward trend in our society. The trend to shoot first and discuss later. I feel we have lost the ability to communicate with each other in a sensible, respectable way. The way to heal, is to learn to love each other despite our differences and have empathy toward one another.  Some amazing vocals by Craig Pruett as well as some background vocals by Vivi Abernathy Co-written with Durand Robinson and Produced by Josh Bright.  You can also see the MUSIC VIDEO HERE

3. Be the One- Currently charting on a few Indie Charts.  About a poor fella that lives in the friend zone with someone he truly adores. He longs to "Be the One" that gets to take her home with him for good. Its a fun song and one that will have you whistlin'.  Co-written with Bryn McCutcheon and Produced by Josh Bright.

4. It's Your Night- A song I held onto for 25 years and finally presented it to a publisher-friend of mine who suggested I change it to a wedding song. We worked on this for hours to reshape the story to one of a memorable night for a couple in love. It is one that I know you will enjoy.  I included the original acoustic version of this song on this album as a bonus (Track #12). Co-written with Tom White. Published by White Cabin Publishing. Mixed by Daniel Dennis

5. Torn Up Photograph- This is about looking back and seeing someone you used to be. The man is this song is recalling a time period where a particular photo represented a better time in his life. It also represented what he was responsible for tearing apart in some way.  John Shaw produced all the amazing guitar and mandolin tracks you hear.  The rest was assembled in my basement as one of the "quarantine" songs. Co-written with Durand Robinson and mixed and mastered by Daniel Dennis.

6. I Bought a Guitar- Man. This song. I wrote it a few years ago. It is Part 1 of a two-song story.  The guy in this song is me for sure and for those who know me, will surely be able to tell right away.  It is bittersweet. But it has a happy ending in part TWO which is the song that follows this one on the album (Marry You Again) Mixed and Mastered by Daniel Dennis. Written by Robert Abernathy

7. Marry You Again- I released this in October 2019 for my wife, Augusta's Birthday as a surprise. If you take---Its Your NIght, Torn Up Photograph, I Bought a Guitar and Marry You Again and listen to them back to back, you have a 4-song story of a 10-year journey.  You can read more about Marry You Again HEREThis one is also the most well-produced and thoughtfully pieced together song on the album in my opinion. It has layers of outstanding guitar by John Shaw, lead guitarist for Josh Turner. And everything else you hear was masterfully put together by Producer Daniel Dennis. Written by Robert Abernathy

8. Ride of a Lifetime- I will reserve the entire story behind this song a little later since I will be releasing a new video for it. However, I will say get your kleenex before you listen. It's one of those that could hit close to home. It's about revisiting the journey of one man's life---one last time... or you could say, one last ride. Co-written with Durand Robinson. The acoustic is Yours Truly and mixed and mastered by Daniel Dennis

9. On a Beach Somewhere- What album wouldn't be complete without a Country Beach Song. Get your sippy cup filled with your favorite summer concoction and sing along! There is also a music video HERE Co-written with Durand Robinson. Produced, mixed, and mastered by Josh Bright.

10. Goodbye Jesus- There will be a follow-up podcast or blog for this song. It will require it. This is easily the riskiest song Ive ever completed.  It ultimately poses the question of whether or not our current culture has created a "Jesus" that suits our own personal agendas. It is certainly not one that I remember from when I was young.  I hope it is thought-provoking. You can also see the video HERE. Guitar recorded by John Shaw. Vocals recorded at Boutwell Recording Studios with Mark Harrelson. Mixed and mastered by Daniel Dennis.  

11. Dear Future Me- Also recorded by my daughter a few months ago. See the video HERE. I included this one on the album mostly because I just LOVE this song. What questions would you be interested in asking your future self? Did you accomplish what you set out to accomplish? Easily one of the favorites to many.  Co-written by Durand Robinson. Mixed, mastered, and Produced by Josh Bright. 

12, It's Your Night (Acoustic Reprise) This is the original acoustic version of the song, "It's Your Night".  This was the one I pitched to a publisher that suggested I change the lyrics. His recommendation I feel was on target. But I still didn't want to lose this 25-year-old gem. So here it is. The story is different, but she still shines. Originally recorded by Kevin Gillilan.  Written by Robert Abernathy. The OK-est guitar playing you have ever heard was none other than my own work in a quarantine basement studio surrounded by storage boxes and cat hair. Mixed and Mastered by Daniel Dennis in a much nicer studio. 

I truly hope you enjoy this collection of songs. "Ride of a Lifetime" is something I hope becomes a part of your own music collection.