"Invisible" by Robert Abernathy & Vivi Abernathy

Where do I begin? Maybe with the hook-

There's an image in the mirror

Broken as it may be,

Says I'm not so, not so

Invisible to me.

And yes, that's my 12 year old daughter, Vivi,  singing those lyrics. This song simply recognizes what its like to be ignored, forgotten, excluded, neglected. And to a middle schooler (those I deal with directly on a daily basis) those things are just as bad as being bullied. Its a form of bullying. Its humiliating to a kid to be alone at recess, in a cafeteria. Its horrifying to be the new kid in school or to be excluded from a group.  And the effect it has down the road can shape a person's confidence as they move into adulthood. 

We had fun shooting this video. The students you see here, all did their part in making this video feel very genuine. From the laughter, to the more somber moments, you get the feel of a middle school kid in action.  

Also, as songwriters and artists, we make virtually no money on Youtube or streaming. After you watch the video, please download it and own the song. .99 and its yours! Download it here

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