"You Can't Have My Boat" coming Friday--and I'm going to request your help! Part 1

Making music has been a part of me since I was the okayest 10th grade guitarist ever in Southside, Alabama. Today, I'm still the okayest guitarist ever, but since those days, I've ,managed to have written well over a hundred songs, most of which has never made it past my own personal voice recorder. Out of those hundreds, I probably have maybe 15 that are cut-worthy by some B-List Artists. Maybe 7-8 that could be cut by artists today that you hear on the radio. But I have a few that I feel may be the one to get more of what I do on the map. This song, "You Can't Have My Boat", is pushing that once distant thought to the fore front.

A few months ago at the end of one of my 7th grade classes, I threw out some ideas of song titles/hooks to a few students to see what would stick. I can't remember who it was, or how it came to surface, but the phrase "You Can't Have My Boat" stuck out like a sore thumb.  If you say it in the most country dialect possible, there is something about it that sticks to you. 

After weeks of letting them down everyday of walking in the classroom without a finished song, I sat down to write the song.  I had no idea what on earth "You Can't Have My Boat" would be about. Pretty soon I had a chorus,  a melody and a catchy little childish "Na, na, na, na, na na...You Can't Have My Boat" hook completed. It needed a bridge, It needed a little something else. I showed it to a co-writer friend of mine, Durand Robinson, to see if it was something worth pushing further down the road and his reaction was, "I think there's a hit there".

Durand and I sat down one afternoon and spit-shined this song to a shiny new piece of modern Country music.  After passing it around and through different friends of ours and musicians within our immediate circle, we all came to the conclusion we needed a little something more done to the demo.  I sent the song to Josh Bright Productions, who took the work that we did on it, along with the guitar parts added by John Shaw (Josh Turner) and made it into one hell of a fun,  modern country song. 

How can you help? Share this song when it arrives Friday. I really think we have something here. Without going into great detail, it has caught some ears within the Nashville circuits enough to meander its way into territory new to me. If enough people make this .99 purchase, it will chart on iTunes. I feel confident that it has that potential if enough folks get behind it. 

How else can you help? Are you a music video producer? If so, when you hear this song on Friday, there is no way you cant hear it and not see the funniest 3 minute movie take place in your head. Lets cut this video on a boat and put it out there!

Part 2 Wednesday....What in the hell is this song about anyway?