It's FINALLY here. You can now buy "You Can't Have My Boat"

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I know it's easier to stream.  I'm guilty too. Did you know though what streaming pays the songwriters? For every song streamed, royalties are due to the person(s) behind the creative work of the music. In short. If all 2800 people on my friends list streamed this song, I would make a whopping $1.96 on Spotify.  Read More about it HERE.   Apple Music pays a little better. 

Now that CDs are becoming obsolete, its just hard to make great music as a songwriter and expect big $$$. Its just not going to happen.  Artists/songwriters can sell their songs on iTunes and Google Play or Amazon and there is a little revenue.

So with that. I give you this newest release.  Lets at least make it chart. I am including all the links below. All I ask is that you:

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