Single, "Dont Even Put that Dress On" Pre-release starts today

PRE-RELEASE TODAY. What does that mean? You get this song for a whopping .99 cents. This song. This is one of my babies. Go to this hidden link:  ROBERT'S NEW SINGLE and pre-order this. (The official release date is October 6th across ALL digital Platforms.) This is a digital release only. The only place you can get a hard copy will be though Amazon on October 6th.

Now. For the background on this song.  I wanted to create a sexy, in your face kind of melting hot groove. I wanted to cross the line between country and a slice of R&B. Enough to blur the lines and bring in a new audience.  Let me be clear on the lyrics-this song is an adult song. It was written from a couple's perspective,  and even more so, couples WITH KIDS---Couples that struggle sometimes to find that place where you are alone. Some of you will no doubt relate to this. 

With multiple references to "Its finally just me and you" and "Ive been waiting so long just to get you alone", I am sure you could draw from this....this guy has been waiting on this. Though we never REALLY know if she puts the dress on, use your imagination. And If I ever shoot a video for this song, you can help me capture what you see in your head.

I dont want to ruin the song's message by spilling it all, but you can follow this little sexual groove down to the note that this could be an "in the kitchen-turn the lights down-dance with your spouse" kind of song.  

You can hear this song LIVE this weekend as the band and I will be performing live originals at the Alabama Fair in Pelham, AL Oct 1st  at 2:00. Go to for more information.

I hope you enjoy the song.Its only .99 cents. Help this song surge to the top of the iTunes singles chart!  and SHARE!