"21's Wasted on the Young" is not for anyone under the age of 21. 

"21's Wasted on the Young" is not for anyone under the age of 21. NOT because of some kind of explicit lyric or content, but because.....This song will make absolutley no sense to anyone 21 years of age or younger.  They will all be scratching their heads. Just like my own 21 year old stepson, Blake Douglas, who listened and was like...."I dont really think this applies to me"  So, I have probably inserted the dagger of doom into my opportunities to connect with this particular audience.  BUT..... if you are roughly my age (somewhere between 30-50+) This is for you.  

Initially, this song was about an old man having a conversation about things he would have done if he could do it all again.  But it changed and just became a fun project for me. After I had written this song, I asked Jonathan and Daniel to help create an ACDC guitar sound with flavors of John Fogerty. I know. Strange combination. But it was in my head. And they did a hell of a job extracting it.  I also wanted to add some ear candy that can probably best be heard with a good set of headphones. There are things panned in this song that really pop.

You can hear one of the best friends I've ever had on vocals here on this song, Mr Craig Pruett. Craig and I have written dozens of songs together over the years and is as talented of musician a musician and songwriter as he is a vocalist. 

This song also features the cools sounds of a harmonica in here from Corbin Camp. Corbin joined forces with the band about a year ago and has been a staple in our sound ever since.  It filled in nicely with the amount of movement that is taking place in the song.  Interesting note- I actually wrote this song and played introduced it to the band live on stage without them ever hearing it before.  They jumped in and rocked it out. Turn it up.  

This song can be previewed for free. Then downloaded an purchased here 21's Wasted on the Young

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    Love it!

    Love it!

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