Song #5 "You Win" 

A few months ago while on a 1 week marathon of writing potential songs for the album, my daughter Vivi was galloping through the house while listening to a current Pop playlist. She had her headphones on, but I caught a pretty cool groove faintly emitting from those tiny speakers. It was enough for me to run and grab a pen and paper. the idea stemmed from modern day couples constantly evolving trying to find the balance of who is wrong or right and who is the first to give in and say "Im Sorry". Within 30 minutes I had a song.


This one was different. I called my buddy Craig Pruett shortly after it had been written and told him that I had written a pop song and I didnt know if I should go ahead and commit country music artist suicide or press forward. I wanted to include this song on the album, but didnt know where it would fit in this musical thread I have running through all the songs I was planning on recording. This was the last song I decided to include, but to many...It might be the most catchy or even the best.  I had 6 more songs on the bubble that didnt make the cut; it was a risk.

The task was to create a country song, but with a modern feel. The result? I think we may have nailed it.  I think you will enjoy this song. Share it with others and enjoy. :)

*Interesting note: Daniel Dennis broke the tie on deciding whether or not we risk it and go for it.
**Background vocal features Craig Pruett. You can hear him on the "Oohs" and "You Dont Wanna"

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