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Single, "Dont Even Put that Dress On" Pre-release starts today 

PRE-RELEASE TODAY. What does that mean? You get this song for a whopping .99 cents. This song. This is one of my babies. Go to this hidden link:  ROBERT'S NEW SINGLE and pre-order this. (The official release date is October 6th across ALL digital Platforms.) This is a digital release only. The only place you can get a hard copy will be though Amazon on October 6th.

Now. For the background on this song.  I wanted to create a sexy, in your face kind of melting hot groove. I wanted to cross the line between country and a slice of R&B. Enough to blur the lines and bring in a new audience.  Let me be clear on the lyrics-this song is an adult song. It was written from a couple's perspective,  and even more so, couples WITH KIDS---Couples that struggle sometimes to find that place where you are alone. Some of you will no doubt relate to this. 

With multiple references to "Its finally just me and you" and "Ive been waiting so long just to get you alone", I am sure you could draw from this....this guy has been waiting on this. Though we never REALLY know if she puts the dress on, use your imagination. And If I ever shoot a video for this song, you can help me capture what you see in your head.

I dont want to ruin the song's message by spilling it all, but you can follow this little sexual groove down to the note that this could be an "in the kitchen-turn the lights down-dance with your spouse" kind of song.  

You can hear this song LIVE this weekend as the band and I will be performing live originals at the Alabama Fair in Pelham, AL Oct 1st  at 2:00. Go to www.alabamafair.org for more information.

I hope you enjoy the song.Its only .99 cents. Help this song surge to the top of the iTunes singles chart!  and SHARE!

Alabama Fair Oct 1st and an Interview with Craig Pruett 

Lots going on in the upcoming weeks.

Its been pretty cool to have the opportunity to be playing at the Alabama State Fair. Its coming up this week, Oct 1st at 2:00 pm at the Oak Mountain Fairgrounds. I received an invitation from Outlaw Nation who hosts these events across the country. Very exciting stuff. 

You can check out the entire band as we have performed a little switcheroo on the instruments. Moving from the drums to vocals, percussion and guitar will be longtime friend and musician, Craig Pruett. And replacing him on the drums will be Kerry Mitchell from Tuscaloosa, AL.  The change has added a new dimension to the band and you can sure tell the difference! We will be performing most of our original songs on Oct 1st. You will be sure to enjoy it.

Speaklng of Craig Pruett, I had a chance to catch up with him yesterday after rehearsal to get his thoughts on life, music and...the color yellow. See the full interview below.

When did you begin taking an interest into performing?

I really got an interest in performing while in high school. I took a choral class that Rick Weaver taught. Mr. Weaver was an old school blues musician and he was really cool.  What I thought might be a boring choir type experience actually turned out to be Mr. Weaver teaching is how to actually sing well and correctly. We didn't sing old boring songs-we sang the good stuff! Old and new, but all of them were great songs. 

Mr. Weaver could sing with this old school blues style voice that sounded very close to the great Michael McDonald. He inspired me. Eventually, we were allowed to try out for a solo on a new song. The song, I still remember to this day was Here's My Heart. 

I tried out and won the solo lead. After singing to an audience and receiving honest compliments-I realized that I loved seeing people be moved by something that I could do. The powerful feelings I experienced when people responded to our music changed me forever. I've never stopped pursuing that response from people. 

Most people are unaware that you were Mr. Boy Band Heartthrob back in the early 90s.  Describe your days as a musician/entertainer with the Vocal Boyz in a hundred words or less.

I switched schools my senior year of high school and walked into the smokeneck world of Southside. Of course, to continue my path of music-I joined the coral class. I met a few guys that would eventually become my best friends and brothers. Sitting in a small classroom off of the main coral auditorium-Things came together musically and a group was born. 

We grew as a group with new guys joining in and quickly evolved into a real life boy band. 

All of us felt a calling to do contemporary Christian music and that is what our direction was. With Inspiration drawn from great vocal bands like Acapella, AVB and For Him-we became our own style of contemporary artists. It was the most amazing years of my life. I grew as a singer and performer. I traveled the world (in my eyes at the time) and met wonderful people. Learned the harsh realities of the music business and the abundant awards of touching people's lives. All along-building bonds with guys that will forever hold a place in my heart. 

You are locked in a room for eternity, and given only an ipod with your musical influences. Who are they?


As a young boy, I was often impressed by the newest rock bands and I would often stand in my bedroom with a killer guitar that I had carved out of cardboard, which I spent an hour coloring and painting on to make it the most kick butt shredder ever made. 

I would slap an eight track cassette of Foreigner in and blast music while dancing around playing my cardboard instrument and singing every word. 

I grew up listening to greats like Journey, Motley Crue, Twisted Sister and the likes. 

I always gravitated too the likes of Stevie Wonder and the Jackson Five (old albums that my parents had). 

For me to list the major influences of music in my life would require a book. I was fortunate to be introduced to a wide variety of music styles and genres. ALL of them have influenced who I am today as a singer and musician. 

When asked "what is your personal playlist like?" My response is always "kinda like a bipolar personality. Ya never know what will play next." 

Get paid $100 and play with a band or $99.50 to play a Duo. Whats your choice?

The drive and power brought on by a full band is often the most exciting experience a musician singer can have. With all the elements coming together, it just seems to move me to another place. 

I have to admit that I believe the duo set seems to be more of a personal, intimate setting that allows two musicians to work at a very raw, stripped down version of music. IMO this is needed to keep some of the wonderful purities of music thriving. 

Lets say hell is full of only one style of music. Whats playing down there?

Prolly be Gangster Rap at this point in my life and there is only so much true blue grass I can take. 

I met Robert in coral class my senior year of high school. He and some guys were playing some music and singing. I joined in and we've been friends since. 

Whos got your back?

In music and life-my family have all supported me (my wife, children, parents, cousins). I have some really great friends that have always encouraged me and showed up at many shows over the years, as well. 

I don't think anyone has ever spoken a negative word about my love and desire to sing and perform. They have all accepted what I do for a career and have always been there for me, even at my worst. 

What would be the title of your Autobiography?

Title would be "Literally Analytical" 

Who do you compare the Robert Abernathy Band to?

Really hard to label. I see all of the various influences of music in each band members lives. It's like a mix of Southern Rock, Country, R&B, Blues, Jazz, Pop and Rock. Blended together for a pretty unique musical experience. RAB has a little something for everyone. People have at least one or two songs in a set that they really love, even if they don't like the others lol. 

You are on a long drive along to...somewhere. Radios broken. No cell service. What are you thinking about?

Well, it's kind of what my autobiography would be titled. I am very analytical, therefore I spend alone time pondering on deep thoughts. I can travel through deep meaningful thoughts only to arrive at thoughts of completely random and probably useless information. 

I try to think about things in a positive position and work threw my feelings about life. 

Favorite 80s Jam

The 80's were a great time. Though, some of the most awkward times as far as music goes lol. There were some great pop songs and great rock songs. Some were terrible as well. I was in to the hair band rock as well as the pop scene. Anything from Michael Jackson or New Edition is great to me. I get a rush from all the rock power ballads as well. Hard to pick a favorite! 

Favorite 90s Jam

Wow! The good ol'days of the 90's. This was a time of great music and a transition out of the 80's. Rap took on a new image and became rather popular. Rock became darker and heavier-and it was good! Country music developed a new sound and people like Garth Brooks took over the world. So much great music was produced in the 90's and all of it will forever be an influence to me. Absolutely no way to pick a favorite. 

You are now President. How do you plan on fixing us all?

1st-Education. I would make education changes. The first elementary years would remain the same. Kids learn basics. Later in middle school-a child would be given the opportunity to study a specific career field while still learning basics. High school would be more of a career prep type education where the student would spend time learning skills and trades to better equip them for an actual job or a specific job of their choosing. The biggest change would be a continued education. If a student graduates high school and desires more education, training or skill development-then we would develop a new and different level of education. No, not a college or university. A funded education school that allows for anyone to attend to learn more. One even adults could return to for betterment in a career set. Call it post college or next phase education. A level of education that is a lower level than a college or university, but carries accredited assistance for those that choose to better themselves yet can't obtain a college level education. 

2nd-Employment. Employment with better pay for those willing to work is key to moving people out of poverty. Poverty is the root of many of America's issues. 

3rd-Government handouts has to end. It is not the governments responsibility to feed and support a family. It is the governments responsibility to protect Americans safety. 

This goes deeper, but it would take a book to write. Don't take it at face value, because there are a lot of things to address in this area. A people can't become dependent on the government to feed them. This falls back to employment and poverty. 

4th- Democrats, Republicans, etc. should all go away. I would push for a unified system of Americans where the people are choosing who they want as leaders. Where the people vote and control more than we have today. Making it about the people and not a party. 

There are some many areas to discuss when dealing with how our country is run. We all have opinions, but in the long run-I want to see America be the greatest of all nations with a unified people in all facets of life. All together, living life and being great together. 

What's your biggest accomplishment?

Being a father! There is nothing that requires more integrity, commitment and dedication. It is the most honorable thing I have been given the opportunity to do. There isn't much that even comes close. 

Lastly, being a songwriter and getting your message across can sometimes be difficult. Describe the color yellow to somebody who is blind. 

It's like stepping through an opening from a cooled room and you feel the warm sun kiss your forehead. That tingly sensation that you feel on your skin. It's the scent of a woman who brushes behind you, close enough for the spring wind to gently move her hair, picking up the smell of beauty and it reaches  out, grabbing your senses. The scent almost becomes a physical vapor that lures you to turn, entranced at the moment and controlled by your senses. It's the soft sound of birds chirping in the morning. It's the laughter of a child who found humor in his father tossing him high into the air on a beautiful day. Though the child fears the toss, he knows that the landing is safe. 

It is the unique feeling when you run your fingers across the ground to find a stem and you follow that stem upwards finding the masterfully shaped, intricate design of beautiful flowers petals. You lean in and inhale. That is yellow, my friend.


Deep stuff, Mr. Pruett. Well Said.


Take Me Back (Father's Day Song)  

The last song on the album, "Take me Back" is quite simply about my dad and the desire to close my eyes every so often and just go back in time. (The link to the song is at the bottom of this page)

Like many people, it just takes a trip back to my childhood neighborhood every so often to catch a glimpse of a memory, or sound that still echoes from your past. My childhood was filled with memories of dirt clod battles with the neighbors, a backyard turned into a baseball field, Sunday afternoon fall football games with all the neighborhood kids, and squirrel hunting with a pellet gun.  Life was simple growing up on Abernathy Circle. My grandmother and aunt lived next door, my uncle just around the corner.  We had an orchard of plum trees that would rival most anyone's. My brother and sister and I survived skinned up knees, accidental baseball bats to the head, chipped teeth, the occasional fist fight with a neighbor and broken bones---all casualties of war that came from Abernathy Circle.

My Parents didnt have all the money in the world, but they managed to give us more than life without cell phones, streaming video, audio and all the information in the world at your fingertips.

They gave us memories.  

I am honored that my dad (and mom) were quiet rockstars as young parents.  Dad worked in the bakery, painted houses, roofed houses, cut firewood, he was a steel worker, a landscaper, and for many years worked at Goodyear Tire and Rubber. He never stopped. (and still hasnt to this day) He taught me the value of hard work by his own example and even more so by including me in the "how to's" of fixing things around the house (without the help of Youtube.)

He didnt make the front page of the news as a father, but he did to me. Mostly because he was just there. He was present. He participated in my life. He made it to my baseball games, my football games and even the wrestling matches that didnt turn out so well. He was present. God knows I didnt always agree with him. I hated my early curfew. I didnt enjoy punishment for my adolescent crimes, but he was present to make sure I learned from them.  As an adult, my life has meandered to different paths over the years. (Even a marriage or two....) From teaching and coaching to chasing my musical dreams as a singer/songwriter/entertainer- he is still an active participant and has always been the "Best Man".

"Take me Back" is also about validating my dad's fatherhood to his own father.  You see, his dad died just a few days before I was born. (which gives meaning in the song to "a life had ended, one begun...")  I never got to meet my grandfather. And I am sure there were holes in my dads life as a young adult trying to raise 3 children. He didnt have a father to turn to and ask "How do I.....?" 

As the song says 

"And if Grandpa could only see, How my daddy sure loved me", He would see a job well done. I hope I can be the father to mine, the way he was to me. 

Happy Fathers Day dad.

*Fun fact. This song was recorded live at Moonlight on the Mountain in Hoover AL

**Fun Fact #2. Dad was in the audience to hear this


  1. Take Me Back

First Time Feelin' (Song #7)  

Waylon Jennings once said, "Country music isn't a guitar, it isn't a banjo, it isn't a melody, it isn't a lyric. It's a feeling."

One of the strongest elements of a good song is creating an image that most everyone can relate to. To create a feeling. I cant say that "Watch me Whip and Nae Nae" ever made anyone go "Hey, thats a story about me!".  So instead of writing about a new dance groove that I routinely use around the house, I decided to write about a feeling that is familiar to most everyone (I hope).  The first love feeling, or first kiss, or a wedding day.  Whatever that moment was that gave you butterflies. (My wife sill gives them to me by the way) They come in moments that exist outside of the daily routines of a busy life, or during the work week. They can come in times where you close your eyes and revisit those things that first caught your eye. Like this random pic here I had to take the other day: (she doesnt like this pic, but I love it)

This is the song that started the ball rolling on this project.  I was listening to Keith Urban one day and realized that his most successful songs had a familiar theme to them. Their tempo. While some would argue that Keith Urban is a brand of country that exists outside of traditional country, I disagree. The dude can play a guitar and can write some great songs. I sat down one day and tried to summon my "Inner Keith" and ended up with a melody that was enough to get me back into a 2 year writing drought.  

Jonathan Laird took took this song and created a cool hook you can hear in the intro and outro and helped make it into a pretty cool tune. Im proud of this one and I hope you enjoy it.

Please take the time to follow me on Spotify here, and listen to First Time Feelin'

*Interesting note: This is Alex Mason's favorite song on the album. 
** If you listen closely, you can hear me singing this song.


Call Him a Sinner (Call Him a Saint)  

My musical flavors have always been diverse to a degree. I wanted one that kind of touched on an identity that i could call my own.  I put the guitar in "Drop D" one day and this song practically wrote itself. It has flavors of Chris Stapleton, Bon Jovi, Garth Brooks, David Allen Coe and Charlie Daniels. You can hear it all in this song. In order to produce the sound I wanted, I needed to tell a story of anguish.

This song is about a man who lives in the eyes of many as a "Sunday Morning Deacon" or "a Good Man", but theres something stirring inside that no one knows. Have you ever heard of the song, "Dancy's Dream" by Restless Heart? This song bounces off that idea. He is torn between one world of being what many ascribe him to be...and the other that follows 'the scent of a woman". 

There are references to "A place down on the south end of town". I used this as a means to describe his home where "he bows his head to pray". Maybe to ask for forgiveness? Maybe to ask for a way to now follow through with where his "Mind has gone astray".  In the end, he makes a choice and he is torn over it but would "rather be called a sinner" by many "than live an outright lie".

I have loved telling stories on this album and this one is the one that doesnt necessarily end on a good note but one of uncertainty.  I hope you enjoy this. We tried to make this a dirty, raw. nasty, in your face kind of country rock tune.

Jonathan Laird is playing the dobro like a boss, and you can hear Corbin lighting up the harmonica with every cool plug in we could dirty it up with.

*Cool fact. No animals were harmed in the making of this song.

Purchase this song to add to your library here Call Him a Sinner

Song #5 "You Win"  

A few months ago while on a 1 week marathon of writing potential songs for the album, my daughter Vivi was galloping through the house while listening to a current Pop playlist. She had her headphones on, but I caught a pretty cool groove faintly emitting from those tiny speakers. It was enough for me to run and grab a pen and paper. the idea stemmed from modern day couples constantly evolving trying to find the balance of who is wrong or right and who is the first to give in and say "Im Sorry". Within 30 minutes I had a song.


This one was different. I called my buddy Craig Pruett shortly after it had been written and told him that I had written a pop song and I didnt know if I should go ahead and commit country music artist suicide or press forward. I wanted to include this song on the album, but didnt know where it would fit in this musical thread I have running through all the songs I was planning on recording. This was the last song I decided to include, but to many...It might be the most catchy or even the best.  I had 6 more songs on the bubble that didnt make the cut; it was a risk.

The task was to create a country song, but with a modern feel. The result? I think we may have nailed it.  I think you will enjoy this song. Share it with others and enjoy. :)

*Interesting note: Daniel Dennis broke the tie on deciding whether or not we risk it and go for it.
**Background vocal features Craig Pruett. You can hear him on the "Oohs" and "You Dont Wanna"
  1. You Win

She's Gonna Stay (but Im kinda wonderin, Who's Dave?)  

I wanted to write a song with a happy feel, but the lyrics tell a different story.  The end result: This became a song about a really clueless guy who has no idea that his wife/girlfriend has a completely different agenda than what he initially thinks. Its my attempt at humor in a song with the punchline being something you wouldnt expect right up to the very end when he asks "Where you goin' baby?"

I dont know who Dave is, but its kind become my go to name for everything. Hes a make believe person that I can blame everything on from not taking out the trash to who left the toilet seat up.

*Side note: To the dye hard country fan, go back and listen to the inspiration to this song. Keith Whitley's "It Aint Nothin'"  I wanted to give it a Keith Whitley feel. BUT>>>>
**BUT when I turned Jonathan Loose on creating a sound for this, it became the coolest  Jazz/Country sound Ive heard in a while. Im thankful he was able to make it a sound that is unique. His jazz influence is all over this happy little tune. 
*** Playing fiddle again, Ryan Joseph, Alan Jackson's Fiddle player. 

Download the entire song/album here

Preview Below

"21's Wasted on the Young" is not for anyone under the age of 21.  

"21's Wasted on the Young" is not for anyone under the age of 21. NOT because of some kind of explicit lyric or content, but because.....This song will make absolutley no sense to anyone 21 years of age or younger.  They will all be scratching their heads. Just like my own 21 year old stepson, Blake Douglas, who listened and was like...."I dont really think this applies to me"  So, I have probably inserted the dagger of doom into my opportunities to connect with this particular audience.  BUT..... if you are roughly my age (somewhere between 30-50+) This is for you.  

Initially, this song was about an old man having a conversation about things he would have done if he could do it all again.  But it changed and just became a fun project for me. After I had written this song, I asked Jonathan and Daniel to help create an ACDC guitar sound with flavors of John Fogerty. I know. Strange combination. But it was in my head. And they did a hell of a job extracting it.  I also wanted to add some ear candy that can probably best be heard with a good set of headphones. There are things panned in this song that really pop.

You can hear one of the best friends I've ever had on vocals here on this song, Mr Craig Pruett. Craig and I have written dozens of songs together over the years and is as talented of musician a musician and songwriter as he is a vocalist. 

This song also features the cools sounds of a harmonica in here from Corbin Camp. Corbin joined forces with the band about a year ago and has been a staple in our sound ever since.  It filled in nicely with the amount of movement that is taking place in the song.  Interesting note- I actually wrote this song and played introduced it to the band live on stage without them ever hearing it before.  They jumped in and rocked it out. Turn it up.  

This song can be previewed for free. Then downloaded an purchased here 21's Wasted on the Young

Get your Kleenex for "Ol' Dixie" (song #2)  

On March 6th, after I had already narrowed down the songs for the project, Cheri Brooks, a great friend of ours, sent me a story she had read about a Soldier who had to report to duty during a time of war. His only companion was his dog. He left it behind to a trusted animal shelter with the specific instructions that if he did not return to give the new owner of his dog a letter.  I immediately began to tear up at the though of this idea.  While this may or may not have been a true story, it hit me hard just because I can imagine that this very thing could happen.  

I immediately began to write. Within a few hours I had a complete song that I felt people could connect with. Especially those who have served our country like another good friend of ours, Max Echols who helped inspire "Green Beret" you will hear in the song.  I had to compress an entire story (Below) into a few verses and chorus.  It was quite the task, but I think with good instrumentation and a catchy melody, we may have pulled it off. 

*A few interesting notes. The dog in the song was almost named "Rambo". Though Rambo would have been a better name to connect with "Green Beret", I felt that "Dixie" was a more subtle connection to common names in the South.  
** Anther interesting note. This is the only song on the entire album I got to play an instrument on (Acoustic).  With the overwhelming talent of Jonathan Laird and Daniel Dennis, I was bullied into submission on the other 9 songs. LOL!
***I did have a cat named "Dixie"
****The fiddle player you hear is none other than Ryan Joseph--Alan Jackson's fiddle player.

Here is the link to the actual story. This song would really make perfect sense if you read this first: 

To Whomever Gets My Dog



  1. Ol' Dixie

Sticks and Stones Pre-release. Get your first peak here!  

First, Please share :)

It was an easy choice to make 4 months ago when I began thinking about finally piecing together a new album- The first and only contact in my mind was Daniel Dennis. I discovered Daniel back in 2010 on a separate project and what drew me to his studio was the ability to take a concept and make it happen. Not only is Daniel a talented studio owner/engineer, he is a brilliant drummer, guitarist, and can play most any stringed instrument.  He is also a patient guy. Hours in a studio can make someone a little stir crazy. He was courteous and professional throughout the creative process. This album, I am thankful was recorded at Prime Cut Studio in Nashville. Thank you Daniel.

In the next 10 days, I plan on releasing one song at a time. I will give a little background for each and will ask you all to share. I feel that the musicians and vocalists (Jonathan Laird, Corbin Camp, Craig Pruett, Daniel Dennis, Ryan Joseph, Amanda Blount) did a great job of helping me create a sound unique to me. I hope you enjoy the next several days worth of songs I wrote from the heart about, people you may know, momma, dad, grandpa., dogs...etc. The only thing this album is missing, is a train. Special thanks to my wife who also played a part in this album. She simply said "OK" and turned me loose. I spent hours writing, and days preparing this project.  I truly hope you enjoy.

"Sticks and Stones" was actually an entirely different song a year ago. It went through several revisions before the one you hear today. It morphed into a song about two people in a relationship who have only dealt with problems with metaphorical "Sticks and stones" . And in the end, they find a way to build their house and home from love.  The female vocal you will hear is Amanda Blount. I am sure you will agree that she is amazing. I hope you enjoy this free preview. I will have downloads available in the next few days.


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