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Marry You Again (a mostly true story) 

Happy Birthday to my wife Augusta!. (Click HERE or on the image below to hear the song, "Marry You Again")  She had no knowledge that this song had be completed, recorded and written for her.  This song was inspired "loosley" by the ever-evolving nature of raising a family, meeting financial needs, and the struggles of everyday storms. Its not a secret to many that Augusta and I were married not once, but twice. And lucky for me, the nature of our relationship over the years has given me SO MUCH great…

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That Girl. A slice of Thomas Rhett meets....? 

I wrote "THAT GIRL"  (original title was "She's Going Home with Me" ) after hearing what I thought was one of the better songs I've heard in a while hit the radio. It was a Thomas Rhett song and I was determined to try to launch some of my songs into this genre. After building the idea around being lucky enough and proud of taking that same beautiful girl home each night, I sent it to Daniel Dennis Productions in Nashville to get a look at it and we agreed it needed a few pop elements added to it.  He…

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It's FINALLY here. You can now buy "You Can't Have My Boat" 

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I know it's easier to stream.  I'm guilty too. Did you know though what streaming pays the songwriters? For every song streamed, royalties are due to the person(s) behind the creative work of the music. In short. If all 2800 people on my friends list streamed this song, I would make a whopping $1.96 on Spotify.  Read More about it HERE.   Apple Music pays a little better. 

Now that CDs are becoming obsolete, its just hard to make great music as a songwriter and expect big…

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"You Can't Have My Boat" coming Friday--and I'm going to request your help! Part 1 

Making music has been a part of me since I was the okayest 10th grade guitarist ever in Southside, Alabama. Today, I'm still the okayest guitarist ever, but since those days, I've ,managed to have written well over a hundred songs, most of which has never made it past my own personal voice recorder. Out of those hundreds, I probably have maybe 15 that are cut-worthy by some B-List Artists. Maybe 7-8 that could be cut by artists today that you hear on the radio. But I have a few that I feel may be the one to…

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"Invisible" by Robert Abernathy & Vivi Abernathy 

Where do I begin? Maybe with the hook-

There's an image in the mirror

Broken as it may be,

Says I'm not so, not so

Invisible to me.

And yes, that's my 12 year old daughter, Vivi,  singing those lyrics. This song simply recognizes what its like to be ignored, forgotten, excluded, neglected. And to a middle schooler (those I deal with directly on a daily basis) those things are just as bad as being bullied. Its a form of bullying. Its humiliating to a kid to be alone at recess, in a cafeteria. Its horrifying…

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The Evolution of a Song  

"Got Nothin' on You" Written by Robert Abernathy.  Release scheduled 1/28/2019

Not every song transitions from a general idea to a finished product as easy as many people think.  They can rarely be a simple as an hour from start to finish or, like "Got Nothin' on You", can be are a culmination of ideas, scribblings, collaborations that are two years in the making. Yes, this song took me two years to finish.  Not that I breathed over it daily, but the idea to "Got Nothin' on You" was one that I believed…

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Single, "Dont Even Put that Dress On" Pre-release starts today 

PRE-RELEASE TODAY. What does that mean? You get this song for a whopping .99 cents. This song. This is one of my babies. Go to this hidden link:  ROBERT'S NEW SINGLE and pre-order this. (The official release date is October 6th across ALL digital Platforms.) This is a digital release only. The only place you can get a hard copy will be though Amazon on October 6th.

Now. For the background on this song.  I wanted to create a sexy, in your face kind of melting hot groove. I wanted to cross the line between…

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Alabama Fair Oct 1st and an Interview with Craig Pruett 

Lots going on in the upcoming weeks.

Its been pretty cool to have the opportunity to be playing at the Alabama State Fair. Its coming up this week, Oct 1st at 2:00 pm at the Oak Mountain Fairgrounds. I received an invitation from Outlaw Nation who hosts these events across the country. Very exciting stuff. 

You can check out the entire band as we have performed a little switcheroo on the instruments. Moving from the drums to vocals, percussion and guitar will be longtime friend and musician, Craig Pruett…

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Take Me Back (Father's Day Song)  

The last song on the album, "Take me Back" is quite simply about my dad and the desire to close my eyes every so often and just go back in time. (The link to the song is at the bottom of this page)

Like many people, it just takes a trip back to my childhood neighborhood every so often to catch a glimpse of a memory, or sound that still echoes from your past. My childhood was filled with memories of dirt clod battles with the neighbors, a backyard turned into a baseball field, Sunday afternoon fall football…

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First Time Feelin' (Song #7)  

Waylon Jennings once said, "Country music isn't a guitar, it isn't a banjo, it isn't a melody, it isn't a lyric. It's a feeling."

One of the strongest elements of a good song is creating an image that most everyone can relate to. To create a feeling. I cant say that "Watch me Whip and Nae Nae" ever made anyone go "Hey, thats a story about me!".  So instead of writing about a new dance groove that I routinely use around the house, I decided to write about a feeling that is familiar to most everyone (I hope)…Read more

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